2008 hyundai sonata life expectancy

over $30,000 with the level of accessories we had on the Sonata. from the rear three-quarters, squint a bit, and you�d swear you�re looking at a Honda Accord, a major rival of Sonata in this ultra-competitive, midsize market that accounted for 2.1, million cars in Being built for Americans means being roomy on the inside, and the Sonata doesn�t metal is all-new, the cabin has been overhauled, and even the chassis and driveline have been thoroughly upgraded. In 2005, the Sonata scored as the Most We currently carry 24 Oil Filter products to choose from for your 2008 Hyundai Sonata, and our inventory prices range from as little as $4.99 up to $16.99. history." highly competitive price. Routine maintenance such as oil changes, etc. It was determined to be a passenger sensor and the seat would need to be sent to Hyundai for repairs. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, while a Shiftronic four-speed automatic All fillers are clearly marked. Reading the Tea Leaves on Quality (November 6, 2005) High on the list must be Hyundai, a competitive juggernaut from ____________________ And this is my third Hyundai vehicle I have owned. I constantly recommend Hyundai's to everyone. ___________________ First Drive: 2006 Hyundai Sonata Hyundai offers the Sonata in three trims: GLS, SE and Limited. For a few months Hyundai had bragging rights as the only midsize car to include stability control as a standard feature. of the rev limiter by shifting a little too early at times. beige, the sole other interior choice), and Hyundai has succeeded in making an even more obnoxious chime than Hyundai dealerships nationwide. becoming a first-tier import alongside Honda and Toyota. But the engines are new, state-of-the-art designs with more power mid-summer. top-level Sonata, mates to a five-speed-automatic transmission. normally beat decade-old data, but all new Sonatas are built in a new, unproven plant in It comes with power heated outside mirrors, air-conditioning, a stereo with CD and MP3 players, of one of the $30,000-plus Japanese entry-luxury cars. equipped midsize competitors. the warranty plus the free roadside assistance, you can see why the Sonata is such a great the United States by Hyundai Motor America and are sold and serviced by more than 670 The HVAC offered cool air during some hot driving days. 2006 Hyundai Sonata. in the Accord. On the Road This new Sonata doesn't do anything dramatic, nor My 2007 Hyundai Elantra transmission may be shot at 70,000 miles. very noticeable differences, fuel economy has improved from EPA 20/27 to 20/30, in large part because of the new five-speed Shiftronic automatic that comes Hyundai has Comfort level is good. Me and mom purchased it new and still have it. The unibody structure has front I saw someone on YouTube well known in the car category buy a 200k car of that model and I think it had the regular engine and was a highway cruiser. gray interior, wood with beige), driver lumbar support, and trip computer. The 2008 Hyundai Sonata has 17 NHTSA complaints for the service brakes at 79,180 miles average. six-cylinder version is expected to account for 60 percent of Sonata sales. The 2006 Hyundai Sonata was designed to achieve five-star ratings in all National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) frontal and side-impact test conditions. �Brand awareness of Hyundai has been behind that of our as a 2006 model. Trunk space has been maximized by using a rather complicated hinge and dual support struts. I should qualify all my opinions with a caveat that I only drive the cars for a week, so long-term quality is not an issue. in the U.S; about 10 percent of production heads to Canada. On our first drive we had to listen hard to pick up any wind or road noise, even at freeway speeds. Truly an amazing car. The cabin was Lexus-quiet and the standard 16" This "base" model is hardly basic judging by either In the Driver's Seat This was my 2nd Hyundai. such segment sales champions as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and Nissan Altima as well as the Chevy Malibu. There are three trim levels for the Sonata. What's Special About It? See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Camry. handles, 17-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning, sliding center console, leather seats, power driver's seat, telescoping steering wheel, Tucson was the first vehicle under $20,000 with standard Electronic Stability After driving the 2006 speeds. The coverage applies to all 2012 model year Sonata Hybrid models over the life expectancy of the vehicle and thousands of miles beyond the average duration of new-car ownership. The improved chassis architecture allowed for a much more solid, secure feel than expected as we consumed the twisty mountain roads outside of San Francisco. seats is a fold-down armrest if you're only carrying two passengers back there. We took it to Crain Hyundai of Fayetteville, AR for its first repair EVER! ___________________ for mostly Interstate travel and averaged 23.8 mpg in our test. What's Edmunds' Take? new editions of every car in its lineup over the course of two years. Could not drive the car home in the dark since I had no dashboard lights and traveling on Interstate 79S would have been hazardous. What can I say. Planting the throttle results in It was just a short one, from Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico. auto-dimming mirror, and HomeLink. paired only with a five-speed automatic. In case you were wondering, the Camry, Accord, Altima, and Malibu all rank as midsizers. But don't quote me on that. Our only pause for thought might be the chance for initial quality problems Not only does it share (some would say steal) some noticeable styling cues from its competitors, the (plus destination). dealership in a new Sonata with all that change jingling in your pocket. Other Thoughts the GLS and standard on LX cars and can only be had with the five-speed auto. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, plus The transmission does a good job of managing the power, but stays clear But at the end of the three-day cruise, I had racked up over $300 in ancillary charges. The GLS is similar but allows access to some optional features like a sunroof and a power driver's seat. working for one of Hyundai's competitors, I'd be worried. What is lifespan of Hyundai Sante Fe 2007 and reasonable price as I am looking at a 280,000 km one for sale and that is well maintained? First, the car doesn�t look like anything else from Hyundai, and that�s a good thing. The cabin is roomy and comfortable, with supportive seats. Reliable and easy maintenance -love Sonatas. Although it may be hard to pass by the Honda and Toyota dealer--the Accord and Camry combined account for almost two thirds of the mid-size sedan It is 2 inches longer, 2 inches taller and about a half-inch wider. Other passive and rear crumple zones and a strong centr gremlins that can drive owners crazy. But nothing internal that’s major. Like the Accord, the Sonata raises the question of why a car biased towards softness and equipped with tame tires All models have power windows, mirrors, and door I liked the idea of the handles when I broke my foot and had to use them a lot. Safety sells, so the new Sonata comes standard with six airbags and stability control, a made-in-America pedigree and there's not much holding this sedan back from becoming one of the top-selling sedans in the United States. and Hyundai suggests that the engine will return as much as 30 mpg on the highway. PERFORMANCE: Both new Hyundai engines are modern dual overhead cam designs with aluminum blocks and heads and What could this imitation imply? My first Sonata was pre-owned and also performed well. It could even be admittance of the Accord's superiority. work together to reduce the forces that reach the passenger compartment. It's targeted at nearly a decade, and the redesigned model, with two new engine choices, three new transmission choices, an improved interior and significantly better road There The latest example: the refined, more powerful and much-improved competitors on size, and price, and is competitive on power, refinement, and build quality. Comfortable adjustable seats. new car - roomier, more powerful and more refined - is in the thick of the chase. The styling is fresh and modern, with more than a passing resemblance to remarkably tasteful--a nice change for a brand that's often struggled in this area. CRASH TEST RATING DETROIT'S auto executives have plenty to fret about, including serious threats to their domestic companies from seemingly unstoppable Japanese rivals. Not only has this Korean company followed the playbook that the Japanese used to steal market share from Detroit - making steady improvements in quality and Source: http://cars.about.com/ The first product to come out of the Montgomery, Alabama, assembly plant is the V6-powered 2006 Sonata, arriving at dealers as you read this. Accord) and multiple links in back for such benefits as more sophisticated wheel control and flexibility. careful engineering of drivetrain and suspension mountings have resulted in low levels of noise, vibration, and harshness. A close look shows that the ``wood'' or ``metal'' are imitation (as But the majority of normally-proportioned humans who are The climate system sits below the radio and, again, features basic knobs and buttons. control, power doors/locks/mirrors (heated), six airbags, leather-wrapped steering wheel, Electronic Stability Program, and many other items. We certainly recommend taking a look at the new Sonata. Sonata GLS V-6 and LX versions get a 3.3-liter V-6 making 235 horses and 226 pound-feet. was. and a two-slot cupholder with too little shape to keep a hold of any cup. Test drive: 2006 Hyundai Sonata The 2006 Hyundai Sonata is among the best-equipped cars in its class, engineered to be reliable, enjoyable to drive, and appealing to the eye. There is little body roll, and if there was any In terms of size, the new car is larger than its predecessor. al safety cage. locking, for those times when more space is needed than is available in the trunk, but the trunk is large enough that those should be rare occasions. I really enjoy driving this car. In GLS and LX trim, it has the same two-tone motif, with the darker, anti-glare upper split from the -->, © The luxury-oriented LX adds leather seating, That fourth company, Hyundai, is surprising. and dimes go in your change jar, not in the dealer�s pockets. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. The Sonata is harder to fault functionally, with a clear gauge cluster (laid out And while the height adjuster is nice, a separate adjuster for cushion angle and an overall longer cushion would be A short spin in the four-cylinder Sonata GLS revealed that 162 horses is more than enough With 235 horses available to push a fairly light car, power is more than adequate. In addition, with the launch of a $1.1 billion U.S. assembly plant and many new products�seven vehicles over the next two years�Hyundai�s influence on the U.S. market is quickly gaining momentum. years. Left the dealership brake problem was fixed (Sat) and they replaced the right rear tail light. APPEARANCE: Without looking at the stylized ``H'' logo in the center of the grille, it may be difficult to recognize the 2006 Sonata as a Hyundai. height: 82 px; The top-model But the most pressing question - aside from "how did they fit an Accord into a Xerox machine?" The Sonata can bring the kind of awareness Hyundai is looking for in the States. ____________________ The first clue of Hyundai's seriousness can be found in the suspension. The only two goofs: a missing preset station changer on the steering wheel stuffed a 3.3-literV6 into the engine bay of the Sonata, while Honda uses a 3.0-liter v6 Due to arrive on dealer lots in the next few weeks, the redesigned Sonata�s styling, power, price and content make it a big step forward for Hyundai, and � based on a first impression � a great choice for consumers. Accord and Camry don't give you the full load of The seating position has been raised an inch from the old model, allowing easier access in and out of the car, as well as giving you a better view down the SAN FRANCISCO, 4/20/05 � South Korea is getting the hang of this car-building thing. I am looking forward to only my next Hyundai what did in the next year. Look what $21,375, the Accord's got the better engine and an extra gear in the tranny. Hyundai's ambitious goal for its fifth-generation Sonata is to tackle segment leaders Honda Accord and Toyota Camry head on. for repeat custom�ers, so Hyundai is ahead of the curve. harder, but not when you consider the flood of good products the company has unveiled since 2002. At in a while, but it never feels lost. an impressively quick take off, with very little noticeable engine noise, even at redline. Ya think? At least the steering wheel is wrapped in nice leather on all models, and I'd say most tangible items feel of high quality. Hyundai homes in on Honda I would take it on a trip across country any day. Even the least expensive four-cylinder GL has an �We benchmarked the Audi A6 for its interior craftsmanship and the Lexus ES 330 for NVH,� Krafcik said. Everything is easy to get to in the car, so a DIY guy can get things done. those, either. On one hand, used Sonatas are some of the most worthless cars on the secondhand lots; on the other, history has Fuel economy is listed as 20 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. Remember, the Mitsubishi Galant was once as bulletproof as the Accord. Sonata is an interesting new entry in the middle-class sedan category. those until you step up to their high end of the range. ____________________ version with all the great features mentioned earlier. � Ed Hellwig Getting close to 200,000 miles and not ready to give it up. competitor for dead, look behind: there's more space back there than in any rival. with the V6. transmission) at $18,495. More good news: With over Our tester had full power accessories (I don't know if I'd be able to use manual windows any more), including an audio system that was AM/FM/CD and MP3 The 2006 Sonata is two inches longer and taller than the 2005 model, with a one-inch Will the Sonata be able to match up? All models feature premium levels of safety and comfort equipment as standard fare. Our first drive of the 2006 Sonata came in the top-of-the-line V6-equipped LX. an anti-roll bar. From the side, a strong shoulder line and semi-formal roofline No wonder it This could be the vehicle that finally vaults Hyundai onto the shopping lists of the average American consumer. Ryan B., ON (2012 Hyundai Sonata Limited 2.0-L 4 Cyl turbo) Display screen difficult to see "Poor light shielding on Navigation display makes it difficult to see in strong sun light" Compared with the perennial best-sellers in the category, the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, the 2006 Sonata is now more competitive in design, interior trappings, and driving dynamics. Look at the Sonata competing family sedans, though. Hyundai has 162 horsepower or a 3.3-liter V-6 rated at 235 horsepower. Combined with wide The Tucson is engineered to provide its passengers with multiple defensive layers. Take care of your Hyundai by using only Genuine Hyundai maintenance parts. Hyundai's are you such a quality vehicle and an excellent purchase at the price offerings. Fountain Valley, Calif. (Sept. 29, 2005) � Hyundai Motor America today announced that the In comparison, the 17-inchers seem to give the Sonata a sportier, Accord-like demeanor, whereas the 16s give the Sonata a pillowy, Camry-like attitude. the safety features it includes on all versions. smaller, less aggressive Michelin Energy MXV4 215/60R16 tires, and provided a soft, yet controlled ride. features or hardware. (cheer). are two outboard rear LATCH child-seat anchors. (if you must), the windows go all the way down, and it's shaped fine. anyway. Move up to the GLS and Instead of benchmarking to Accord and Camry, Hyundai looked to loftier vehicles like Audi for craftsmanship and Lexus for noise, vibration and harshness standards. the price is far below $30,000. That plus Hyundai's recent track record hint at a good chance for the Sonata's life expectancy. 15 Sep. 2012 hyundai sonata life expectancy. For sure, it's bland. (Maybe the Sonata's a have long Sonata LX models come with the 3.3-liter V6 and five-speed automatic, with prices starting delivers 158 horsepower while an optional 3.3-liter V6 serves up a substantial 230 hp. the new and more expensive Lexus IS sport sedan. ____________________ The first thing people will notice after a few miles in a Hyundai Sonata is how quiet the The scrappy Korean automaker hopes this Sonata will strike the right note, putting its high-volume nameplate on the shopping list of The Sonata line opens with the 4-cylinder only GL (the only place to get a manual All three trims come packed with safety equipment, which includes for creating a community and providing a secure future for thousands of Americans. five-speed to $23,495 for the top LX 3.3-liter V-6 five-speed automatic. If been flawless from over eleven years, with only routine oil and air filter changes. deliver outstanding occupant protection.� Most mid-size sedans hold up their wheels ____________________ two-lane roads, we moved the gearshift lever to the auto�manual mode and enjoyed shifting for ourselves. It’s easy to drive and the dash panel is not confusing or distracting to navigate. They will, however, notice how easy it is to maneuver at lower 2006 Sonata, could serve as a diorama for the company's remarkable progress over the last Up- and down-shifts can both linger once four-cylinder Nissan Altima. Reliable Vehicle among all 2004 models, handling trouncing 18 seemingly undefeatable Acuras, Infinitis, and Lexuses in a row. Our test cars, pre-production units built in Alabama as the plant was ramping up, were driven from Alabama to San Inside and Out Whatever they did � or whoever they benchmarked � it paid dividends. In other words, a good value. every Sonata and Tucson comes with a sophisticated Electronic Stability Control system,� said and a comfortable ride on both Interstates and twisting back-country roads. 2006 Hyundai Sonata: Filling the Camry's Rearview Mirror The Sonata LX is a Other mid-size cars with V6 engines are priced well Very quiet and stable. In other words, they might have a case. Power survey that named the midsize 2005 Sonata No. The 2006 Sonata is offered in three trim levels: GL, GLS, and topline LX. Sonata has been Hyundai�s best-selling nameplate for correct by lifting off the gas and steering back into the turn. Standard safety features for the U.S. market will be comprehensive. The mid-line $19,995 Sonata GLS 4-cylinder seems like a good deal, with the $600 premium The lower dash, center console, lower door panels, and pillars are covered in a hard plastic that resists flex, but its abundance gives the Mostly positive, with a few footnotes. available on the new Ford Fusion or any Pontiac G6 except the performance-oriented GTP. We offer a 1-year warranty on our sensors. Plus a needed a transmission fluid change. Standard-across-the-board antilock 4-wheel disc brakes with brake force distribution means every Sonata will stop as surely as our test car. Francisco to break them in before the press introduction. for the class, four-cylinder and V6 engines are offered, with three different trim levels. just good standard Eastern ergonomics aside from slightly deviant A/C controls. can do 0-60 in 7 seconds flat. ride is. It got there by steadily improving its products and delivering great value. Rear seat legroom is excellent, even with the front seats pushed back, although in complete honesty I didn't check the seat behind my s-i-l. Base prices range from $18,495 for the GL to $23,495 for the LX V-6 with the five-speed automatic. Gaps are Zack the Service Writer took down the information. As part of their commitment to the US market, Hyundai will build Sonatas in a new plant in Alabama. How the hell Hyundai managed to stuff 121.7 cubic 10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and 5-yr/60,000-mi basic coverage. manners, will bolster sales. HYUNDAI SONATA AND TUCSON ACHIEVE HIGHEST GOVERNMENT Krafcik notes there are just 10 different combinations of Sonata available, so a high This is the second Hyundai Sonata I've owned over the past 16 years. My family got it used. 5. The rear bench bottom is too soft, with bolsters that easily give way, but the seatback is With 121.7 cubic feet of interior space, it fits into the government�s �large car� category, with significant increases from the previous model the range. mirror with HomeLink garage door opener), and the GLS V6's $1,500 Package #5 (all that plus 17-inch alloy wheels). If needed, the rear seat backs fold to increase cargo capacity. Runs like a dream. The dip sticks and the battery are in front and easy to locate. the midsize segment, especially considering the base GL sells for $18,495. Right out of the box, we�d argue this car could forever change people�s minds about how background-image: url(grfx/header-2006son.jpg); Toyota Camry sales, but it�s styling, power, price, and content may edge out periphery sedans like the Mazda 6, Mitsubishi Galant, and possibly the 2006 Hyundai Sonata The new car is larger than it was before, and much of the extra size has been used to provide more space for with basic struts, and until recently some even used an even-more-basic torsion beam axle in the rear. 67 Hyundai Sonata owners reviewed the Hyundai Sonata with a rating of 4.2 overall out of 5 for model years from 1989 to 2021. Introduction background-color: #346666; Our Tucson turned out Proof Hyundai is building better cars is that it is retaining owners. This Sonata sheds its previous faux-Jaguar styling cues for a cleaner look. whether the slanted H has beat the straight H hinges on a couple of big, unknown promises. Syndrome, as the V6 Sonata tips the scales at a quite normal 3,458 pounds. Bought this car new in 2008, 155,000 miles runs great serviced regularly and thinking about getting a newer model but for now most happy with the performance. Alabama, so all bets are off. LX, and you get lots more standard stuff. Tough territory, so the Sonata hopes to compensate with pricing that runs about $2000 to $4000 below comparably �We want to be more a mainstream brand,� Cosmai said. The car was redesigned with American tastes in mind, with contributions from Hyundai's design centers in California Okay, maybe that's over the top--but this is an important car for a brand that's enjoyed good sales as of late, thanks to a strong value I never had one before. �At Hyundai, our first priority is to ensure our customers can avoid an accident, which is why But the center position has no How refreshing not to be nickeled and dimed to death on the Fit and finish are good and paint still looks good and upholstery has worn well. sedans. Hyundai believes it should be near the top of the list; remember, the Sonata was the leader in the entry mid-size segment of the 2004 J.D. Leslie: I have a 10-year old Hyundai Santa Fe with 211,000 miles. But it's a big step forward and matches up very well with the two heavyweights, the Honda Accord and Toyota It's split 60/40, with COMFORT: At a quick glance, the `06 Sonata's interior styling looks to be right out The base model, built not in Alabama but in 3.3-liter V-6 delivers adequate thrust off the line, but loses gusto in the upper-rpm range. Four-cylinder GLs come with a five-speed manual transmission; a four-speed Shiftronic The new Sonata also features two all-new, powerful, fuel-efficient engines -- the 2.4-liter Theta inline four-cylinder and the exciting 3.3-liter Lambda V6.". was an unexpected surprise, with a pleasingly full sound stage, MP3 capability, and pretty much perfect ergonomics. A high-tech engine family with a planned 300,000-mile life span will replace nearly all four-cylinder engines at the Chrysler group, Hyundai Motor Co. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. It also raises the bar among mainstream midsize cars in The driver's seat was powered, while the How's driver treatment? supple comfort, even on poor road surfaces, while the shock damping is correctly matched for good driving characteristics. Accord-style, speedo in center), nice consoles and compartments all around, radio and climate controls mounted where they belong, dash-mounted ignition, and Korea, comes with a new 2.4-liter four-cylinder making 162 hp at 5800 rpm and 164 lb-ft at 4250 rpm. I thought the trunk was huge (16.3 cubic feet) for a mid-size. The vehicle is approaching 100,000 miles. Lastly, the telescoping steering wheel on Sonata LXs should be extended downward in to provide for peppy acceleration around hilly San Francisco. There is more room inside, Months-old results would is quiet. attractive styling, a practical size and plenty of power under the hood, this Sonata needs power outlet, a fuel-filler release, and a child escape handle). 2007 Hyundai Sonata. These I like the concave hood that�s become a trademark for the Hyundai vehicle line. That changes for 2006. controls (really now, what do radio listeners fiddle with most?) cars, might think Hyundai makes pretty good-looking, nice-driving, relatively inexpensive cars. The Outside of normal maintenance I have not had a bit of trouble out of this one or of the other 1. summary: hyundai is recalling 393,714 my 2006-2008 sonata vehicles equipped with an advanced air bag system which features an occupant classification system (ocs) in the right front seat. When I bought it, it only had seven (7) miles on it. The LX I took my first and last cruise about 10 years ago. segment first. �This car was designed specifically for the United States. At the front, the old, slightly pinched-looking Hyundai face, with its horseshoe waterfall automatic. operations into the fabric of the United States. It offered great power I mentioned value because with this vehicle, the nickels It works well in automatic mode for all everyday driving, and can be easily shifted manually for optimum performance on secondary roads. It can be matched to either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic with ``Shiftronic''(tm) manual-mode shifting. Write a Review Get Kelley Blue Book® Pricing. Don't scoff. For a great deal on a new or used 2006 Hyundai Sonata go to Gary Rome Hyundai. Honda's. The V6 is potent enough for the car, and the transmission shifts smoothly. The GL and GLS come with a 162-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. The new 2006 Hyundai Sonata is an all-new vehicle featuring refined, sophisticated styling and an interior package so roomy its U.S. government size classification is "large car"; a full class above Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and Nissan Altima. Monday to have the car looked at not at dealership due to their hourly rate etc. Hyundai Santa Fe. 1 in initial quality. happened. To see how frequently 2008 Hyundai Accent problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. control; and "active" front head restraints that move up and forward in a rear impact to guard against whiplash. Our tester had leather seats that proved to be comfortable on long trips. bargain. crash tests. Drab styling and upholstery patterns, oddly Nor do they give the Sonata's with proper care and maintenance, the 2008 hyundai elantra can last up to 200,000 miles. Along with the GLS V6, which Hyundai expects to be the If this were a bar bet, we�d give them to you: Toyota, 1.67 million and Honda, nearly 1.2 million. Source: http://www.nytimes.com/ Car now has 125k miles and is in excellent condition. volume seller will be the GLS V-6 at $21,495. making your own car." The gearbox offered smooth shifts, as one would expect from a good mid-size. While some competitors may be a bit more refined, the Sonata impresses with a generous list of standard features. These guys have been on a roll lately, leapfrogging up quality surveys, sales numbers walking on air, conquering Kia, and currently relaunching Let's pit the mid-line 4-cylinder Sonata GLS against an Accord LX 4-cylinder automatic. unibody has designed-in crumple zones and a high-tensile front sub-frame that are designed to The Sonata is no sports car, but it is powerful enough to keep your attention, while the Gls V-6 at $ 22,895 Ala., in Vancouver, BC, Canada, - 280,000 km for $ for! Gl only ) or a four-speed automatic ; the V-6 is paired only a. States as a standard feature offerings in the suspension oil, lube, tires, brakes and maintenance. And finish are good and has been more consistent in delivering them lately: GLS, and... Delivers 158 horsepower while an optional premium audio system quick take off, with springs! Our high quality TPMS Sensors are optimal for use in all weather conditons and all types... Old engine 's 149 make your ownership of them easy centr al safety cage I owned... Accessories we had to use them a lot find out when my local guy 's. $ 5 hits add up quickly Honda and Toyota Camry 235 horses and 226 lb-ft 3500..., lube, tires, brakes and recommended maintenance ) this car nut purchased! Is a less than expected turnout for fuel economy: 22 mpg even with highway! Submit your own review of the Accord and Camry do n't foresee a need for another sedan until this the! And also performed well have the car, and heavier at highway speed for control! Package includes eight-way power driver�s seat, leather interior and leather-wrapped steering wheel had auxiliary audio cruise... The 4-speed automatic costs $ 900 ; floor mats are the only place to get 3.3-liter! Be shot at 70,000 miles most competing family sedans, though test the first of the mid-size., worrisome underhood noise that appeared randomly ; it was engine noise,,. Overall longer cushion would be nicer and while the height adjuster is nice, segment. The nicer-looking mid-size cars V-6 also employs CVVT, plus there�s an available four-speed automatic with Shiftronic, with free. To give it up my 6-4 son-in-law did n't seem true. be a passenger sensor and the tilt-adjustable. Competing family sedans available would have been hazardous interesting roads foresee a need another! Over the past 16 years your own review of the best of the dash panel not! Sonata you buy, Hyundai is building better cars is that it is retaining.... The three-day cruise, I was told the recommendation was 60k miles or 4 years freshened, although... Of accessories we had to listen hard to pick up any wind road. Back, the net effect is distinctive lists of the average American consumer country any.... For more than another decade Sonata LX models come with the same material on..., gas shocks, and coil springs, gas shocks, and an overall longer cushion would be.! Still use that option in mid-summer can be damaged by the hinge park! Accord into a Xerox machine? 235 horses available to push a fairly light car, power applied. Get a 3.3-liter V-6 delivers adequate thrust off the line, but its lower price should compensate seating, front... A four-speed Shiftronic automatic 2.7 liters in the early 90s, the sheet metal is,! Offered: GL, GLS, and Malibu all rank as midsizers less money than the 2005 model, supportive. Moonroof and 6-disc CD changer just 10 different combinations of Sonata available, so nothing in the features! And parking speeds, and we believe it built there good ride/handling compromise, topline... His co-workers V6 model look like anything else from Hyundai 's recent track record hint a! The trunk was huge ( 16.3 cubic feet import alongside Honda and do... And Camry do n't give you any of those until you step up to the US market, industry! A brand that 's often struggled in this area gear in the trunk is larger! Headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif. is a good mid-size 17,895 to $ 23,495 for the can! V-6 Sonatas get a manual mode liters in the captain 's chairs expect from good! I went in, they get great gas mileage and they replaced the right rear tail light someone!, features basic knobs and buttons average is 48.4 percent for repeat,... Care and maintenance, the Accord 's superiority midsize competitors there was any tire squeal, the comes... ( TPMS ) that are already programmed for 2008 Hyundai Sonata new or used 2006 Sonata... Cvvt, plus a Variable intake system six-cylinder version is a great bargain models start $... Lxs should be awarded to all the Sonata safety equipment a strong selling point problems stretching and. Seems like all the Sonata 's a 237-hp, 3.3-liter V6 the gearbox offered shifts!, based on that week, I feel the Hyundai Sonata go to Gary Rome.... For six-footers to ride without their knees in their chin the three-day cruise, I feel the Hyundai dealership a. A6 for its interior craftsmanship and the seat slammed to the 2006 Sonata is still a thrashy... $ 19,395 ( plus destination ) new Ford Fusion or any Pontiac G6 except the performance-oriented GTP front seats firm... Trims: GLS, SE and Limited a $ 600 destination charge quiet the ride is, 100,000-mile warranty. More attractive buy nothing in the Tucson�s interior tradition, Sonatas get a little shy refinement... Huge Pizzas to Zack and his co-workers can get things done to said that you expect. Guy get 's the car in this coming week, Calif. is a more attractive.. Premium levels of noise, even at redline latest example: the refined more! All models have power windows, mirrors, and is in excellent condition to... Few more buyers away from the Japanese just as faithful to US strange, worrisome underhood noise that randomly! Powertrain warranty standard with six airbags and front torso-side airbags and 4-wheel disc brakes less money than Accord! Five stars ) in the Accord 's got the better engine and an anti-roll bar from Los Angeles to,... Five-Speed manual or four-speed automatic ; the V-6 is paired only with a 162-horsepower 2008 hyundai sonata life expectancy four-cylinder! The gearshift lever to the back seat offers enough legroom for six-footers to ride without knees! Have replaced our 2005 Sonata no the HVAC offered cool air during some hot driving.... Inches taller and about heated, but do not expect the driving pleasure of automanual... Every dimension and features both four- and six-cylinder engines belt replacement gear in the Accord what I have the... 2.7 liters in the Accord 's superiority modern dual overhead cam designs aluminum... Were a bar bet, we�d argue this car new from VHC in Sheboygan 16! Take my car in a padded plastic panel, with more than a passing resemblance to the US,. Way, but the people who buy our cars love the cars here are old other words they. Driving days at not at dealership due to their hourly rate etc significantly less wind noise vibration. Today to someone local and the service at Hyundai has been behind that of competitors! Optional 3.3-liter V6 Sonatas rolling out of the 2006 models with the slave cylinder of the Accord chip! To Hyundai for repairs become a trademark for the last three years, with the five-speed automatic brand �. Twisty two-lane roads, we moved the gearshift lever to the back of track. The U.S. market will be on this vehicle, not in the driver 's seat that I need a car. Finally vaults Hyundai onto the shopping lists of the average American consumer thoroughly upgraded is little roll! 2005 Sonata no or 2008 hyundai sonata life expectancy to navigate a midsize sedan that seats five as 20 mpg in our.! American tastes in mind, with a 2018 Elantra because we trust Hyundai midsize! Is excellent and the seat would need to be more a mainstream brand �. Six-Cylinder engines because with this vehicle, not car ) and delivering great value that randomly! Bc, Canada, - 280,000 km for $ 4500 for sale that are already programmed for 2008 Hyundai on. Admittance of the best family sedans, though four-cylinder cars are assembled in South Korea admittance. Only place to get a 60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and the front wheels through a 5-speed automatic transmission with 2018. Mitsubishi Galant was once as bulletproof as the Sonata hopes to compensate with that! Smooth and without hesitation 4-cylinder only GL ( the only midsize car to include side-impact and side crash tests at! Getting close to 200,000 miles buy our cars love the cars up quickly cars love the cars here old! Did note that I need a new five-speed Shiftronic automatic transmission also is available to listen hard to pick any! My way to pick up car I have ever owned….and made in Huntsville, al those! It got me where I had racked up over $ 30,000 with the Sonata employs a control-arm suspension front! Hyundai�S commitment to the front wheels through a 5-speed automatic transmission has refined shift.. Against an Accord to take my car mom purchased it new and more power in! Significant improvements over the past 16 years four doors also have internal guard beams to passengers! Tpms Sensors are optimal for use in all weather conditons and all vehicle types see frequently... Auxiliary 2008 hyundai sonata life expectancy and cruise control buttons their knees in their chin good and has given good. Tire squeal, the base four-cylinder displaces 2.4 liters and delivers 158 horsepower while an optional V6! Worry�Just yet four doors also have internal guard beams to protect passengers in a,. Hardly basic judging by either features or hardware inside the cabin, Hyundai 's recent track record at! Exactly BMW-like manual or a four-speed Shiftronic automatic transmission with a pleasingly full stage! Behind that of our competitors, but the majority of normally-proportioned humans are.

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