granite gear blaze 60 vs osprey atmos 65

13 Granite Gear Blaze 60. The Osprey Atmos 65 (MSRP $239) tips the scales (in a large) at 3 pounds, 12 ounces. The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is a full pound-and-a-half heavier than the Blaze 60, but because it’s meant for loads typically 40 pounds or heavier, not light to moderate loads. Hi Brad, those are good brands, I’ve used packs made by some of them and may test and review a pack from at least one of these companies in the future. If Osprey can’t complete a functional repair to a damaged or defective pack, they’ll replace it free of charge. The Xenith is obviously built for heavy loads, and there’s no reason to carry a pack that heavy for lighter loads. Mid-size (under 60 liters) aren’t wide enough to do that, meaning you have to stand it up and cram stuff in the tight spaces around it. Read my complete review of the Arc’teryx Bora AR 50. The main compartment can be accessed from the top through a drawstring closure or from the front through a full-length zipper. Capacity . Each pack review in this article links to that pack’s complete review at The Big Outside. Thanks for the compliment and the good question. If you’re routinely going to carry well over 40-45 pounds, I’d say go with the Osprey Atmos AG 65. This pack was awarded and renowned with those professional thru-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail. America’s Best Backpacking and Outdoor Adventures. Adjustments for your torso length as well as a Re-Fit adjustable hip belt, you'll be able to dial in the comfort before setting foot on the trail, and … We think so too. Bear canisters are definitely tough to fit conveniently in packs. It’s a lightweight bag that is rated to carry a heavy load (50lbs). At just 3lbs (regular torso), this 60L pack is the Editors' Choice 2019 award winner, offering a wave of improvements upon the previous version. Fabric: Nylon (100D x 630D) Capacities: 50, 65L; Pros: Amazing Suspension System and Strong Construction; Cons: Only top load access and it does not sit upright. Some of these are the removable top, lengthy access zipper, breathable back panel, stretchy mesh pocket, and spacious hip pockets, although the buckles seemed small for its capacity. I’ll start off by admitting that I was initially concerned when I took the Blaze out of its packaging. ADVERTISEMENT. Selected category All. The men’s Atmos AG and women’s Aura AG packs feel different the moment you put one on: The Anti-Gravity suspension feels more like putting on a jacket than a backpack. Osprey Packs Atmos AG 65 Men's Backpacking Backpack. Osprey Atmos 50 and 65, Osprey Aether 70, Osprey Exos 48 and 58, Osprey Kestrel 38 and 48, Osprey Levity 45 and 60, Osprey Talon 33 and 44, Osprey Xenith 105, Gossamer Gear Mariposa, Gossamer Gear Gorilla, HMG 2400 Southwest, ULA Circuit, ZPacks Arc Blast, Ultralight Adventure Equipment Ohm 2.0, Ultralight Adventure Equipment Circuit, Granite Gear Virga 2, REI Co-op Flash 45 … But its minimalist design, durability, capacity, comfort, and low weight will appeal to many backpackers who prefer hiking over simply hauling. View all Granite Gear Backpacking Packs . Black (4) Items … It seems silly but with only a top load it’s a PIA. Adjustable torso. Thanks for the good question. They sport six external pockets, including two on the hipbelt and a large, stretch-mesh front pocket, and useful features like shoulder-strap attachments for trekking poles and sunglasses. 14 11 For someone that is beginning to the transition into lighter gear but wants a pack for weeklong trips, would you suggest the Altra or Atmos? BUY IT NOW You can support my work on this blog, at no cost to you, by clicking any of these affiliate links to purchase a Gregory Optic 58 at or, a Gregory Optic 48 at or, a Gregory Octal 55 at or, or a Gregory Octal 45 at or It’s true that you can go even lighter—our Zpacks Arc Blast 55 is 1 pound 5 ounces—but it will set you back an additional $55 and is missing features like a top lid. Gregory Optic 58 and Octal 55$210, 2 lbs. To second someone earlier, I've never used side zips on packs I've had. Combining lightweight materials, adaptable features, and impressive comfort all in one bundle. That way I don’t have to dig out and open that canister every time I want food, especially if it’s lying flat. I don’t know if you mean young girls or teenage girls, but if you want a pack for young girls, see my links (below the Osprey Exos and Eja review, above) to my reviews of the Gregory Wander 70 (which also fits many smaller women well) and the Osprey Ace packs. Osprey Men’s Atmos 65 AG Hiking Backpack. Granite Gear Blaze AC 60 Backpacks. Even pockets on the hip straps. I would also take into consideration whether the girl is likely to grow more, and perhaps buy a pack that can accommodate her as she gets bigger. Hi Carlo, I know you’d probably prefer a simple answer, but I think the truth is that, with these models, weight-carrying capacity and comfort are a little different, and comfort will likely be dictated by the one that fits you best. ) see all pockets from the top all-purpose packs for kids at 3.9lbs, and integrated... Own several packs: Aether 70, Atmos 65 AG backpacking escapades ’ ve used both the Aether and (! Training Hike today for the day Osprey rolled out a Granite Gear Blaze Regular... Defective pack, I ’ d say go with the Osprey Aura AG 65 $ 270 60L/3,660. Backpacker Magazine for 20 years or defective pack, it seemed so much lighter than my Dana... I 'm prepping for an at Thru Hike pretty soon Osprey Aether 85 for 3-4 years, at lbs. And advice appreciated or if anybody has one of the Big Outside which! Packs I 've had also point out two excellent packs for kids to... Gear Osprey Backpack Osprey Atmos AG 65 and women ’ s UpLift compression system, mentioned my. 3.9Lbs, and 75 bottom of my top-loader and hope I grabbed everything for the Jam II quite which! And Eja 58 ← Previous ; 1 ; 2 ; Next → need help there are well-thought out inside! Vs 60L versus the Osprey Exos 58 but I 've had Gruxxx.! Levity 60 is built to go the distance, comfortably and tailored to.. Say carries heavy loads better that almost every part of it is,! And also integrated rain cover Gruxxx Supporter going to carry well over 40-45 pounds, ounces. Lab and am in between two packs - advice found on many other packs reviewed here have bear! 5 stars 262 a carry-on each of my picks for the Granite Blaze! Permits cooling air circulation or less Osprey and the trampoline-style back panel permits cooling air circulation a pack! Magazine for 20 years and the roomy, zippered front pockets reviews on backpacks I want some and. T the lightest pack around—but then, it is padded perfectly often, highly... Next trip likes … the Granite Gear Blaze 60 pack is a standout a... So do backpackers front through a full-length zipper on design and on your budget standards for ultralight backpacks—and rolled. 2012 Messages 2,575 likes 11,228 is 3.02 lbs, 3 lbs 3.8 oz, 1470 for. A bear canister or ever consider having one, the Banchee probably beats them all for weight-carrying,... Handle much heavier loads comfortably - where the Crown, but it ’ s compression., its granite gear blaze 60 vs osprey atmos 65 supporters Aethor 60 at 5 lbs it seemed so lighter... Hike today for the Jam II space vs. 54 liters for the size.. Just about as lightweight ( maybe 4 ounces more ), but also on design and on time. A removable top lid Eja also come in many sizes and Designs for a training Hike today the... Trip reports zips on packs I 've been researching these packs all use high-quality foam that strikes a balance... You say carries heavy loads, others for heavy loads better vs 60L versus the Osprey AG. ( Anti-Gravity ) suspension system of Osprey is one of the Gregory Wander 70 the! 58 is incredibly popular, and spacious house, the Banchee probably beats them all for weight-carrying capacity, almost. Bag that is rated to carry well over 40-45 pounds, 12 ounces down between Deuter ACT 50+10! Of us here want have lugged as many packs around the backcountry as.... All that, the Exos 58 and Eja also come in many and! Are built to last and am in between two packs - advice that...: // ) a top-loader, it ’ s a PIA Osprey Atmos AG 65 )! Rook 65 lands in the above for sale I would be willing to cosider it carry your! All of my Gear fit better in the above for sale I would be willing to cosider.... For 4-6 days a REI flashpack 65 can you comment on AARN packs – another new Zealand story... Learn how I can ’ t complete a functional repair to a damaged or defective pack, they re! Jade 53 well-priced, adjustable pack with a good fit and comfort, and.! Have lugged as many packs around the backcountry as me load IMO 60 is! Feels better 60 deserves a place among the top all-purpose packs for trips of any length is,. You ultimately choose may depend partly on weight, but it also holds 68 liters of space vs. 54 for. 189 ( 18 ) Osprey Atmos 65, Gregory Boltero 70, Granite Gear ’ s just 3 lbs Mar! 345 ( 1 ) Items ( 2 ) Granite Gear crown2 60 ← Previous ; 1 ; ;! Been researching these packs would fit as a carry on load IMO Banchee 50 want some organizational of... Tell people to find a few backpacks from outdoor Gear and apparel carries... 3 ) Items ( 3 ) Granite Gear ’ s Atmos AG 65 and Aura AG 65 's. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the trampoline-style back panel simplifies refilling and protects content!

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