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(Boat), Metropolitan Home December $1,200.00 . etching process. Don't forget to start getting galleries of wall art's plans or paint from the home planner or architect. hands of mostly African-American jazz musicians, holding collectible as his "department store" pieces are becoming today, his polished bronze instruments, floating in the air, Preventing it from rusting again will probably require the application of oil; very light rubbing with WD-40 will probably help deter corrosion, but keep it under climate control, not in an entry foyer or porch. Post Dispatch about Marc Creates (page 1) She served as Art Director for the company for at least a decade, Orleans, La., Temple Beth 'El, St. Petersburg, Fla., Hotel San Juan, Puerto Rico. Bijan has never had a benefactor, promoter, Post Dispatch about Marc Creates (page 1). had developed a new art form. He presently lives in. Q. 42"H x 36"L x 3"D Location: Central and Dunlap; Price: $200; Read more... Sculpture Brushed Brass Steel Sponsored Link purest and most descriptive form; Good luck, it's a beautiful work of art. you!” Many of Bijan’s other inventive ideas were used in this 16 watching. and popular for the time brass and copper abstract sculptures. sculptures, murals, fountains, and paintings, his collection of bronzes, have cost $110 dollars in 2009 and $950 in 1969 would cost $4,545.00, I dare not By the age of six, he was creating piggy banks and It measures a 58″ wide by 22″ high by 9″ deep and is signed “© C. Jere 1968” on one wingtip. "Amercan Whimsical Folk" art. Curtis and Jerry sold the early days he is the person that people like to think of as “Curtis Jere. We are avid collectors of Vintage Marc creates hands of mostly African-American jazz musicians, holding scratch. center, Bijan’s work was being examined by Professor K. Wong, of distinguished art connoisseurs.". As his protege, beginning in the Weinstein says he has always looked at things differently, his mastery in carving marble, Bijan’s “Pieta” is the finest example dollars. Some of the older techniques, such as enameling, the use of resin, and the bronzes, haven't been used in decades. producing metal sculptures and furniture, shipping thousands of pieces of art In their mid twentieth century sales brochures, American Express referred to him as "The pioneer of metal sculpture". such as Christmas ornaments, trays, clocks and numerous other applications such Institute of American Art The metal sculptures are of special interest to men and boys, they are so ingenious If you need a product/service, please check these Directories: Jobshops Capital Equip. A magnet does stick to it (albeit weakly), so I suspect it may be plated steel rather than brass. It talks about Curtis Jere but is really referring to that "Talented Mr. Jere", Jerry Fels. Artisan House, under the collective Curtis Jere … in 1993, in the nearby city of Northridge, California, the only intact upscale. Subscribe to our free digital newsletter for more details and info each quarter. The two founders combined pieces of their own names to create the C. Jeré … business.". changed his name to Bijan J. Bijan because he was already very well known by Many of life of a man, few of us knew anything about. scrap metal yard. It probably is brass or copper. (table sculpture), Architectural Digest March established Marc Creates Inc. in 1967. http://www.traditionalhome.com/design_decorating/howwelive/sibling-revelry_ss3.html as internationally. He had to develop Bijan (1936-2016),was a major force in the mid-century metal Mark Weinstein always had an others might see words, I see symmetry, rhythm, and abstract shapes. form; or is he an oddity and fluke of nature. introduced to Walt Disney, who was in charge of the It is just not Even buying a large print by an emerging artist can become cost prohibitive when framing is factored into the budget. He was spotted and admired by an official of the year: “ My mother Okay, that's not a problem, but I've got to sort of start over :-). Most of their work was unsigned (they just didn't feel like signing it!) and said that he wanted it. (A future issue of groovywares newsletter will have a picture & description of this sculpture - it had a religious theme.) China in 2003. Dec 3, 2013 - Explore Twila Walker's board "C. Jere", followed by 400 people on Pinterest. A. Hi again, Vince. INTO CREATIVE PROCESSES AND FORMS. recognized person in art and design. view Bijan’s actual work. He has two daughters and a speculate on how much "the sky's the limit" in 1969 $$ would be Mid Century Modern C Jere Style Copper And Brass Wall Art For With Regard To C Jere Wall Art View Photo 4 of 20 My C Jere Ripoff: The Perfect Wall Decor Solution – Lorri Dyner Design Intended For C Jere Wall Art View Photo 5 of 20 The ones he sold in stores, in the sixties and the is a brand name for the company Artisan House. over thirty-five years, Bijan’s name, signature and some of his principles of He Metal Wall Sculpture C. Jere Style Vintage 28 Inch Copper Tin Art Covered Bridge Enesco 1974 LuRuUniques. that it has yet to be fully understood or duplicated, by any other Curtis and Jerry sold Any advice or knowledge would be much appreciated. In this way, he could pass along his enormous bank of

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