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Because you train for more weeks and run more miles, vigilance is even more important during half-marathon and marathon training than it is for 5K or 10K training. This short training plan is suitable for Advanced amateur runners, aiming to achieve peak Marathon fitness. I am now 70 and decided to try a 1/2 marathon and chose the 12 week training program. Weekly long runs range from 8 miles to 20 miles. Mid-week runs range from 20 minutes to approximately 90 minutes. Without adequate preparation, it will be difficult to reach the finish line, not to mention the possible injuries you could get before, during and after the marathon. With just 12 weeks to go until event-day, this plan assumes you are currently able to run for up to 1 hr 50 mins. Note: It is OK to take walk breaks As with the crash-course plan, a more traditional marathon build-up of 12 to 14 weeks still requires a basic level of marathon fitness when you begin the program. ABOUT THE JIMMY FUND WALK . Each week of our 12-week training guide, you’ll run on six days and rest on one (should you feel you need an extra rest day in your training week, use Saturday as that day). Marathon des Sables, Morocco. This plan was designed around an 18-week schedule, and our Guided Runs are built to adapt to your experience level and intended to be uniquely flexible to your needs as you prepare to tackle a Marathon. The 12-week and 24-week Multi-Day Training Plans are designed to provide you with a structured weekly plan culminating in a multi-day race or adventure with self-sufficiency. Do you need a Multi-Day Training Plan for a multi-day adventure or a race like Marathon des Sables? This half marathon training plan will get you there. Half Marathon: You Can Do […] 12-WEEK, MARATHON WALK (26.2 MILES) TRAINING SCHEDULE . Catch it early and you might be able to take a day or two off and heal adequately (check with your doctor if you’re unsure). The Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk presented by Hyundai raises the most money of any single-day walk in the nation and has raised more than $150 million for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s fight against cancer since 1989. The plan is designed to help you get from a solid running base to peak marathon condition in 12 weeks. Terms Defined: Easy: Run a comfortable, conversational pace. Nothing in the guide is set in stone — you can reduce the distance or number of times a week you run if it becomes too hard or if you’re sore. Your training builds up to race day and helps improve your fitness and confidence. Be on the lookout for the first sign of injury. 15 weeks - hundreds of hours and kilometers to then run 42.2 km in around 4 and a half hours (the world average marathon time). I regularly run about 3 times a weeks on a 3 mile cross country course. By Terrence Mahon Boston Athletic Association High-Performance Coach & adidas Running Coach Whether you are looking to complete your first half marathon or looking for a new personal best, the key to success is getting in the 3 Essential Workouts each week. In my opinion, a 12 week marathon training schedule is the absolute minimum length for a thorough marathon preparation.. It’s estimated that it takes the average beginner about 15 weeks of training to get themselves mentally and physically prepared for a marathon. It includes 5 run workouts each week with an optional cross-training day on Mondays. Nearly all of the 90 runs in this training plan have an accompanying Guided Run in the Nike Run Club App. 12-Week Half Marathon Training Program -- Beginner By Mario Fraioli *Note: Before beginning this training program, a runner should be able to comfortably complete a 3-mile run or walk-run. I started running at the age of 65 and have run a 5k and a 10k race.

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