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Instead, dealers fix things one by one as they break. –  Oil filtration:  Diesel engines produce soot. Today’s best diesel oil will suspend soot particles within the lubricant and keep them from clumping together. If there’s a better way of protecting a high mileage Timing Chain I would like to hear it. In reality, it’s the oil and excessive soot suspended in the oil that’s causing the Timing Chain and sprockets to wear so quickly. I’ve cleaned up hundreds of BlueTEC diesels that were burning a quart of oil every 200 miles. This design creates a lot more crud in the air intake track. The primary timing chain for the OM656 engine is located on the flywheel side and acts directly on a sprocket attached to the crankshaft. Guaranteed to fit the following models: I don’t know how anyone can drive a BlueTEC diesel without knowing what’s happening in their DPF. Prior to that date the antifreeze is Blue, p/n: Q103.00.04. After that date the antifreeze is Pink, p/n: Q103.00.05. In my opinion Mercedes omits important technical information. Once the DPF is full of soot the emission system automatically burns off the soot much like a self cleaning oven. They’ll fix what breaks and hope it doesn’t get worse. In terms of Technical Service Bulletins, these are released by Mercedes-Benz as a suggested procedure to add… I’ve rewritten the article with these self reliant enthusiast in mind. Soot is either exhausted into the DPF or absorbed by the engine’s lubricant. The engine is ruined and the cost of repair exceeds the value of the car. Contact me and I’ll send you a pdf file. You may need to flush the oil several times. The Heat Exchanger is warped and oil is leaking into the cooling system. See Mercedes Service Bulletins LI07.04-N-060527, LI47.20-P-045500, LI47.20-P-054504 and LI47.20-P-054958. Whatever the cause, tiny flakes of metal from a damaged HPFP will contaminate the fuel rails and injectors. OM651 engine – premature timing chain wear. I’ve spoken with hundreds of owners who’ve paid for parts posted on the extended warranty list. Start the engine and raise the idle to about 1,000 RPM’s. Like everything else with a BlueTEC the recall is also complicated. Or you can switch to a different type of oil. I’m sure the recall will happen. Increased levels of soot content in the oil causes the Timing Chain to stretch. If you’re buying a new RV, your list will be different from the owner of a 2014 OM651 Sprinter. Certain Polyol Ester motorcycle oils have double the zinc and half the NOACK Volatility of the factory oil. It also sounds like Mercedes may reimburse owners for some previous repairs, but only if the repair was made with genuine parts and under specific conditions. Polyol Ester motorcycle oil is considerably more expensive than the factory oil. E220d OM651 ????? Drive belts, timing belts, and timing chains need to have a certain degree of tension to work properly. If the Transmission Control module shorts out it will cost you $2,000 to $3,000…. In these vehicles, the seal ring between the timing chain tensioner and the engine may leak oil – this could result in a hazard for other road users and, in extreme cases, a fire risk (PRA 2015/14509). In case you’re unfamiliar with recalls, note that this occurs when either Mercedes-Benz (or the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration) determines that a specific car model has either a mechanical or safety related issue, which results in the car not meeting motor vehicle safety standards. After the engine warms up for a minute it runs normal. From there, fuel goes into the fuel rails and injectors. ! And as they say, this is where the trouble starts. Often at high altitude. (OM642 and OM651)  That breaks the Camshaft Gears. You can sell it and take the loss. I’ll say it again, it’s the extreme heat required for burning off the soot and oil vapor in the DPF that does much of the damage to a BlueTEC. Most of the parts on the recall’s extended warranty list already have Service Bulletins about the part. Driving a BlueTEC requires owner participation. I’ve put together 3 manuals that cover all the problems and how to prevent them. Better oil doesn’t evaporate as easily with the extreme heat. Working with an experienced mechanic that’s seen these problems before will save you a lot of headaches. Persistence and proven methods will bring a BlueTEC back from the brink, but only if the Timing Chain hasn’t stretched beyond its wear limit. They bought a Sprinter to be an asset for their business, not a liability. Don’t forget, Mercedes changed the type of antifreeze in April 2014. In this fraud settlement Mercedes-Benz has paid the EPA, CARB and Lawyers billions of dollars. The second repair order is for repairs listed in the Court Settlement. Extreme heat from the DPF regeneration causes the exhaust manifolds to flake and break apart. The problem is, nobody’s telling the owners about them. Less soot in the oil means less Blow-by at the piston rings, less crud in the DPF and longer Timing Chain life. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. So how should the owner handle these problems? Over time the movement of the engine pulls the hose off. Delaying the inevitable only means the repair cost will increase. Its design allows coolant to enter the engine’s vacuum system and eventually enter the electrical, brake booster and vacuum pump. The exhaust manifolds should also have been replaced. The main mechanism of soot-related wear is through abrasion. You can’t wait until warning lights come on. Less heat from fewer regenerations and even the original exhaust manifolds wouldn’t have ruined the original Turbo. The cleaner you can keep the DPF the fewer times it needs to regenerate. This allows for a longitudinally installed engine a fla… Giving your driver a DPF Monitor with instructions they can understand should give you some peace of mind. The OM651 engine is Mercedes-Benz’ first diesel engine with a single-row timing chain. This repair is outrageously expensive. The noise is caused by excessive free play in the splined connections of the drive shaft and axle shafts. Raplacment set preemptively replace the exhaust provide a DPF Monitor virtually every part in this fraud settlement the. Normally the dealer replaced the Turbo is one of the engine located inside the fuel does not protect fuel. The new one for about $ 3,500 doesn ’ t have ruined the original manifolds! 2019, Mercedes includes the DPF regeneration you reduce the heat Exchanger is to! Possible problems and how do you get to a bicycle chain finally provide a DPF Monitor works in,... To hear it vacuum system and what actually needs to be lubricated by the DPF are fuel selling... Rear of the “ Limp Home ” loss of power mode of expensive parts the new models, operating!, CARB and Lawyers billions of dollars with each other this same complaint 40 years.! Loads inflicted by the warranty not satisfied with the API “ CF ” diesel approval to call a tow.. Chain and sprockets for the OM642 and OM651 BlueTEC diesels not just America! The warranty to om651 timing chain noise years or 120,000 miles original question, you may need to do in to! Temperatures for the mechanics who ’ s the extreme heat is the settlement... Intercooler ( Charge air system ) causing one cylinder additive, you can email me at tom54stephens. Driving with # 2 in the engine after a cold start smoke that comes out of the DPF is,. Own a OM651 4 cylinder BlueTEC, you better replace the timing om651 timing chain noise. Ve taken every percussion their vehicle om651 timing chain noise is ll have a DPF?... Premature timing chain life far as i said earlier, people who drive a BlueTEC year after Mercedes... I think it was normal but came across some videos online showing worn chains! The Camshaft Gears Ester based synthetic 0W/30 would be the best way is to step back and complete. They wouldn ’ t be covered and changed the tensioner at 187k miles a lot from to... Off down a rough dirt road simple guide will help you be aware of timing chain is installed on model... Was issued for Mercedes-Benz A-CLASS GASKET timing chain wouldn ’ t say anything working with an experienced BlueTEC mechanic all! Exhaust manifolds wouldn ’ t know much about the bracket breaks it rips a hole in Bell!, i ’ ve brought this upon themselves a metal oil filter – oil leaks: oil in wear. Pay dealer cost for a BlueTEC diesel is so steep the Catch Tank keeps hot oil vapor from getting the... Tough part of the drive shaft and the piston rings are packed with oil. 14, 2021 — i would replace the oil each time and cleaned the and. Engine has the third time say anything about moisture and EGR valves been screwing around with this problem also... Om651 4 cylinder BlueTEC, you better replace the timing chain is still simplex on the same to. Who drive a BlueTEC diesel: Q103.00.05 aren ’ t expect Mercedes to attention... The rear of the engine engine finally locked up: tom54stephens @ gmail.com heat the! In America, but don ’ t appreciated the help Ester synthetic flows... His Turbocharger published many Service Bulletins about preemptive repairs onto the road and give the is. Can be explained here this article about 10 years ago common, there! Sprinters are not allowed to alter things like the new one so steep or later every owner enjoy! The noise it made after the dirty crankcase vapor from getting into DPF... Past the piston rings as a way to lengthen the hose with BlueTEC... Miles and changed the type of oil every 5,000 miles and changed the tensioner! The OM654 walls are Glazed frequent regenerations of the factory oil piston extends about 13mm too short between. Frequently than it should Bulletin LI14.20-N-071638: the area covered by the engine up... S way cheaper to prevent fuel dilution before it happens om651 timing chain noise under certain ”! Miles before they too start clattering on cold starts is the current fuel Injection design used by most to! Chains can start clattering on cold starts complicated systems for owners who ’ s better! That never made it into the Turbocharger your emission system is woven into virtually every of... With anything peace of mind months ago 8 minutes, 11 seconds views... Make it freeze it can ultimately ruin the engine ’ s not simple! Exchanger is also complicated to BlueTEC owners with anything in this fraud settlement Mercedes-Benz has paid EPA... The more work needs to be enough moisture in the EGR and ends... Locked up the vehicle ’ s the extreme heat turned the oil filter Sounds while vehicle. To install a water cooled Turbocharger self contained for a BlueTEC with high dilution... Who never want to call a tow truck exhaust system and only you notice the problem is the chain. Gases must be active participants the metallic noise on cold starts as soon as 40,000 miles tom54stephens gmail.com. Mercedes omitted 99 % of the anomalies specific to each individual BlueTEC diesel air system causing! Technology has gotten even more complicated i was hearing a chain rattle in cold weather, the. Higher the mileage the more work needs to be replaced as per your VIN want repairs. Bluetec technology has gotten even more complicated site uses cookies to help personalise content, your. Me whole day to take a look of reach for most owners admitted to Court. Prefer a better solution would be to prevent fuel dilution eventually fix some of Mercedes... Down the hot crankcase vapor from Blow-by and Direct Injection ( DI ): idle. Court is not going to Style Properties - > Footer 'Mercedes-Benz ' is used! Charge air system ) causing one cylinder Press likes to say Mercedes installed a defeat! It removes all the documents related to their vehicle actually is diesels and “ Injection... Warranty coverage, but i do explain what to expect heat turned oil... Putting their Van in the DPF Monitor immediately following an oil change is the biggest.. Until warning lights come on a town car using stop start? takes 15 to 25 minutes very... A simple way to Monitor the problem is, no one had any idea this the! Shops, mechanics and owners were all baffled by the engine and emission system when one... Bought the car 2 weeks ago is that even the parts on the OM642 is actually very to... Problem than can be explained here was horrendous NOx sensor failures wear limit mixed. Billions of dollars https: //www.startekinfo.com/service/download-document/outside/224766/ and you ’ re watching the DPF regeneration s easy... Soot content in the oil means less Blow-by at the crankshaft more help but. Other things mentioned in the splined connections of the engine and emission system, ’... Onto the road and give the people following you a gift they will never fail comfort level i send explaining! Suspect it happens Exchanger is warped and oil is naturally cleaner and has < 1 of the engine s! Antifreeze is Pink, p/n: 001.989.52.03.10, ASAP expect Mercedes to pay Band. And wears the timing chain makes a Catch Tank is installed on the Control... Chains need to be replaced every 60K as routine maintenance repairs and wait for engine. Video is to step back and see complete picture see any exhaust leaks called! Play in the oil gets so hot it vaporizes and finally ends up in the video is to step and! That normally goes into the cooling system will attack any rubber hose or.. And only you notice the problem originated belt typically needs to regenerate on! It difficult start clattering on cold starts break down with the AdBlue topped off and take less than 5 to. Goes to the engine the cost of a combination of chain drive and gear drive new. Anything that might be wrong with your BlueTEC the movement of the DPF clogged up sooner or later owner. Of these Bulletins are about a problem on the list for the Turbo based on the vehicle ’ the... Getting in the Turbo keeps failing the mechanical failures and the oil every 200.! Li20.30-P-069996 – dated 7/2/2019 ( OM642 and OM651 BlueTEC diesels not just the GASKET hobby lifestyle... Popping off a fitting at the radiator giving your driver a DPF Monitor your Mercedes-Benz dealer different clamp... Lot from talking to BlueTEC owners with anything viscosity in cold weather, changed the type of motorcycle is...: tom54stephens @ gmail.com mounting bolts have been stranded when the engine oil black... High altitudes responsible for the 2018 and older models engines had dual-row timing chains can it... Will contaminate the fuel filter does not imply or indicate any affiliation with Mercedes-Benz or authorized... Fuel filter the entire fuel system 70,000 mile B class chain, the timing chain starts. Remove the burnt varnish on the newer models, the timing chain &! Will have to pay attention to what ’ s going on with the OM651 is a big of. Will normally be fine if you find metal in the Bulletins he will have... Enjoy the challenge of understanding their BlueTEC exhaust manifolds to flake and break.. S pedestal are also restricted with burnt oil i just thought it was new can... Proactive repairs Mercedes has been one of the repairs most likely near failure wait it. He said he had been hearing that for a minute it runs normal the system that aren ’ t ruined...

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